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Event Registraton

Wednesday, May 15th, 2013

Please fill out a entry  form from our event  page for early registration,and return to us ASAP,  spots are limited



May 18th, 2013 Moto/Surf Competition

Wednesday, May 15th, 2013,

 Surf Unlimited Surf Shop, and Trapani’s racing set ups

                               would like to present

                        MOTO SURF 2013

This year we are allowing contestants to choose to compete in one or the other portions of this event separately (RACE OR SURF) as well as competing in both (RACE AND SURF). If you choose to compete in both you will need a team mate (one Racer and one Surfer format). Other wise you do not need a team mate and can compete individually. If you wish to compete in the entire event and do not have a team mate feel free to contact us to help find you one. Competing in only one portion will allow you a chance to get a trophy. If you choose to compete in both portions, you and your team mate can acquire enough points to be eligible for cash prizes. Contestants entering both potions will receive a free t-shirt/ gift bag. The race and surf will be divided into two classes. RACER CLASS/OPEN A B – SURFER CLASS/OPEN C for the RACE portion (two motos for each class).  SURFER CLASS/OPEN EXPERT – RACER CLASS/OPEN NOVICE for the SURF portion (Double elimination heat format). This contest will be starting the race portion at Sahara sands in Eagleswood NJ on May 18th around 6pm (get there early around 3pm to check in).The surfing portion will be held one of the next three weekends following the race (wave and weather waiting period) at Holyoke Ave in Beach Haven LBI NJ. Entry fee for each portion will be 40 dollars for a total of 80 dollars. This entry form is for either or both sports ( Moto, Surf, or Moto Surf). Each contestant participating in the Moto or Moto Surf will still have to check in and or pay (if not paid prior to the event) with the Motorcycle Competition inc. Club (again earlier around 3pm the day of the race)





October 7th will be our Moto/Surf competition.

Monday, September 10th, 2012

The race portion willl be held at Sahara Sands in Manahawkin, NJ on October 7th along with the Pine Barrens Enduro Club Harescramble.  The surf portion will be held at Holyoke Ave in Beach Haven, NJ one of the following two weekends based on surf conditions. The event will follow our previous format of two man teams, one surfer and one rider, both teammates will compete in both sports. Surfers against surfers and riders against riders. Contact us for sponsorship inquiries and further details.

Chris Kretzer  (609)713-2276 
Eric Schoepfer  (609) 661-1820
 Kevin Cheeseman  (609)752-1806





The Moto/Surf Competition Returns for 2011!

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